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My 88 year old father, Terry, who has taken an interest in the machinations of the Brazil nut market all his professional life.

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July 2016
The summer doldrums are with us and markets are quiet and slow.The Brexit currency shock has seen prices for brazils  in sterling terms rise precipitously in the past 3 weeks.

November 2015
If sales in the wholesale nut business  are the bell weather for the economy at large then we may soon have more important matters to concern us than the price of Brazil nuts.

September 2014
2014 has been a difficult time for Brazils. Firstly the yearly rains came earlier and heavier and were more persistent  than usual.

August 2013
The Brazil nut crop is very short this year and problems seem to be compounded by shippers defaulting on their contracts.

August 2012
At this point it may be worthwhile reminding ourselves about the price movements for 2011 crop. The low was around $3.20 per lb FOB origin early in the season, rising to a high of around $5.20 during the Autumn.

November 2011
This years season began with much higher than normal prices, then proceeded to rise up to stratospheric levels. Many buyers held back early in the expectation of a massive crop and falling prices from Bolivia.

September 2008
It has been a long cool summer for nut sales.
Cashews prices have felt the chill winds of demand destruction due to over-pricing and more recently an icy blast from the falling purchasing power of the Euro.

February - 2008
Traditionally, this is a quiet time of year for this commodity as the new crop is being collected, transported to the shelling plants and assessed for quality and volume.

August 2007
Like the seas, this market is forever on the move  as the many  factors that drive the price upwards and downwards continuously change.

March 2005
Forward prices have been weak until recently as shippers at origin look to make sales to raise finance for their annual seed purchases

February 2005
This is a market to be brave in. On a forward basis, prices in £ have dropped considerably during the first days of 2005.

November 2004
It is clear that the reason for the current runaway bull market in Brazil kernels is due to greatly increased demand, perhaps 25% on the year.

May 2004
All time highs are being made at the moment as the problems of the past few months start to bite.

March, 2004
Today We see a confused situation with high prices remaining

October, 2003
Prices are steady at the very low levels they have been at for some months...

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